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Items shown with an M symbol below can be manufactured in virtually any colour scheme. Design your dream kit using our online kit designer today or request a call back if you need a totally bespoke design.

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Custom Football Socks

Footballers have worn socks since the game was invented, but it wasn't until kits became standardised in the late 19th century that the socks began to reflect the colours of the team.

The first football socks weren't on display that often either as it was common for players to wear shinpads over the top of the socks, and these shin pads were huge items that put the tiny shinpads prominent in today's game to shame.

Football socks aren't the most exciting piece of football kit - the replica socks of any team are almost always the lowest selling when compared to the shirts and shorts - but that doesn't mean they are any less important to the image of the team.

Using our custom football kit builder you can create custom football socks for your team with a design that is unique to you. Simply choose the design you want - hoops, turnovers, stripes and more - and add the colour scheme of the rest of your kit. It is common for the socks to have the same colour scheme as the shirt and shorts for uniformity, but there's nothing stopping you making the socks completely different.

The colour scheme you choose could be a nod to the traditional school colours or the colours of the team or you could use this as an opportunity to change the kit completely.

We are one of the few online retailers that allow you to add the club name or initials to the socks along with the Zapkam logo to make them easily identifiable and make them an essential part of the whole kit.

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3D Kit Designer

Customise the colour of your kit then add logos, numbers, names and initials in few easy steps. Choose your sport or team wear item and start designing your dream kit today.

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